In Italy the anti-Vaxxers have triumphed!

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Newspapers round the country of Italy are reporting that there has been a massive popular rejection of the new Winter Flu vaccine, and that no one is coming out to get one.

And the bizarre reality is, that the Newspapers are using this news to sell copies, which shows their desperation. — Admittedly the article’s contents urged authorities everywhere to do all they can to promote the Winter Flu vaccine, but it is a screech into the night.

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2 thoughts on “In Italy the anti-Vaxxers have triumphed!”

  1. They will mandate , because it Is for their safety and surviving, or at least this Is what they think. Since big mases of people around the world are on the move, they expect all kind of illnesses, flu related, explode, and they are affraid they may have to hide, to prevent their own health, and they don’t want to hide. They want to enjoy the life style of living rich, being served and pampered, by us, of course. That’s why lockdowns before, so they can contain whatever viruses and illnesses could hit them. That’s why shots, experimments on us, so at the end maybe, they believe, scientists can come up with safe ones for themselves.

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