Viganò: Bishops & priests who promoted the DeathVaxx must answer to God!

Editor’s Note: A full round of applause that someone in the Sacred Hierarchy has spoken on this issue. Now can we get a, “if you do not repent for shutting the Churches, denying the sacraments, and preaching a false Gospel, while renouncing your loyalty to Christ and replacing it with loyalty to the State and its propaganda, you are going to burn in a very very hot place in Hell, beneath Judas Iscariot”?

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3 thoughts on “Viganò: Bishops & priests who promoted the DeathVaxx must answer to God!”

  1. Even in TLM communities your statement is true, Br. Alexis. We will never get an apology. The Reign of Christ the King to many priests means false obedience to corrupt bishops who have clearly manifested their allegiance to the Biden regime.

    A round of applause, indeed. We have waited a long time for this. And, I might add, we have been holding on by a thread to your commentary, Br. Alexis, for the sake of our sanity. I pray that you may stay with us.

  2. So when a Catholic priest of the Roman Rite dons a mask, he is making himself a visible and public sign that satanic communism has overthrown the Catholic Church on his portion of the battle line.

    The mask was bad enough…the poison shot. ..
    Way too little, way too late. I personally know over 90 people dead from shot…all ages. And people are still clueless, even when more than 1 person died in same family! So sad but more pathetic!

    It is a mortal sin…

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