Barnhardt joins the Sedevacantist Sect

Editor’s Note: Back in 2016, Barnhardt who was fleeing the notoriety of having been adjudicated responsible for fraud and constructive fraud by an arbitration panel, which awarded her accuser 100,000 USD, burned a Koran and began her internet career as an influencer, since she could no longer work in security sales (futures, options, stocks, bonds trading).

At first she seemed to be a sincere Catholic, though she has always been sketchy about how she became a Catholic after cohabitating with a Catholic man (most likely an Italian citizen, in Tuscany) for nearly 10 years. I have not seen her baptismal  certificate, but I presume she has one.

But with the juridically valid election of Pope Benedict XVI’s successor, the mask she had been wearing for 7 years has fallen off; because whereas she has railed that the former Pope was still the holder of the munus, she never militated for a valid election of his successor. This is tantamount to wanting to have no pope over you, since Pope Benedict XVI never governed after his retirement.

Now, it is clear that Barnhardt is a sedevacantist and a preacher of schism with the Roman Pontiff, and this puts in doubt whether she ever converted to the Catholic Faith or was in communion with the Church. For all Catholics want to have a juridically valid pope to govern the Church.

But for Barnhardt, juridical facts and laws are gaslighting you. You must accept the reality she preaches; not the objective facts and laws of the matter. This is the psychosis promoted by the Sedevacantist sect.

Since the founding of the CIA, it has been an established modus operandi of that agency, to infiltrate the Catholic Church to change Her teachings and morals via the instrumentality of “converts”, who upon converting become influencers, but not 100% catholic ones. This phenomena is all the more evident in recent decades and especially since 2013, when a great number of “converts” and “reverts” appeared on the scene to insist that Bergoglio was the pope, while Benedict XVI was; and now, that Bergoglio is, to insist that he is not.

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3 thoughts on “Barnhardt joins the Sedevacantist Sect”

  1. Br. Bugnolo, this is a vile story. She explains exactly what happened to her Her bio is freely available, with a full explanation of the real story. So the cattle story is untrue. I wouldn’t be surprised if she lived with somebody before becoming Catholic, and if that’s true, be ashamed to bring that to light when those sins have been confessed and forgiven.

    1. OK, I am glad to know she burned the Koran before she left securities. But the constructive fraud which she was found responsible for was over many years so arguably she knew she was going to go down for it before she burned it. Her life is a vile story of deception, because she never practices the virtues of repentance and humility that a convert should practice but has become a popess of herself, full of vicious hatred against Catholic religious and anyone who knows more about the faith than she does, which is not a few. — So you lie when you say the cattle story is untrue, since she was found guilty of securities fraud, not cattle trading fraud. You also lie when you say I should be ashamed for bring her past sins to light, when she did not I. — Finally, if she says she was dumped by a man with whom she cohabitated, I would like to hear his side of the story. She never names him, so there is likely a lot he could say about her real character. She is a die hard feminist and it is clear she has extreme daddy issues. So it is entirely possible she dumped him, not he her.

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