Rothschild take-over of Vatican signaled with opening of new Office in the Vatican

Editor’s Note: Never before in the history of the Church has a non-Catholic organization, especially one so hostile to the Catholic Faith as the World Jewish Congress, opened an office on Vatican soil. This is an indisputable fact that the Vatican is now under foreign occupation, and that no Catholic is obliged to obey any directive coming from it.

UPDATE: The re-education of Pope Francis into the religion of Zionism has begun …

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4 thoughts on “Rothschild take-over of Vatican signaled with opening of new Office in the Vatican”

  1. “WELCOME ONLY TO THE PEOPLE WE LIKE” . IS THIS NOT THE TRIUMPH OF EMOTION AS THE CRITERIA FOR JUDGING TRUTH AS REVEALED BY GOD ? IS IT NOT THE ABANDONMENT OF THE ONCE REVERERD ” intellect and will ” as the definition of truest love ? No true love can exist without persistent forgiveness. Lifelong marriage based on emotional satisfaction is impossible.
    When Archbishop Cranmer in the 1500s analyzed Ann Bolein, who took the whole English Catholic Church into Protestantism, he stated ” She has abandoned herself to reckless emotion.” If you know your history, you will know how that played out!!!

  2. There are no words for what we are witnessing. This is agonizingly painful as a Catholic. Blessed Mother crush the head of satan with your heel. St Michael come to our assistance and drive out all evil spirits. Sts Peter and Paul restore the Church of Christ. May God protect all the Faithful and bring us a Holy pontiff soon.

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