“Is the Pope Catholic?” online Conference, Saturday Dec. 9, 2023

Editor’s Note: A conference by persons who insisted correctly that Benedict XVI was the true pope until death, while censoring others who said the same thing with better arguments, is being held in December, online, together with others who said that Pope Francis was the pope during his antipapacy and that the very same arguments of both where not worthy of public consideration.

A curious thing no doubt. — For Catholics publicly apologize before sitting down together. The only people who don’t are actors, politicians, and government agents & provocateurs, since they never really opposed one another’s positions.

I encourage you to consider signing up for the Conference, if only to test the waters as to whether its part of the Grifter collective (see footnote here) or true Opposition, because if they do not want to support the Sutri Initative, then you know the answer.

Because if they reject that initiative, then they truly must love Bergoglio more than the Church and hate the solution more than Bergoglio.

But since this conference was announced just a day after, I posed the Question of questions, I think you already might have your answer. This will be like the Catholic Identity Conference organized by Mr. Matt, which gagged Vigano for proposing a Catholic consideration, except this one is organized by Dr. Mazza and will exclude discussion of a Canonical solution.

How is this going to help the Church?

You might want to try to ask them another pertinent question: If you are going to publicly question Bergoglio’s catholicity and not be afraid of the canonical consequences, why not talk about removing him in a juridically valid manner? Otherwise, are you not like Archbishop Fernandez who wrote about about how to kiss men’s ears while omitting any discussion of natural God-given marriage?

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One thought on ““Is the Pope Catholic?” online Conference, Saturday Dec. 9, 2023”

  1. Yes indeed, the grifter collective is one gigantic performance designed to create a sense of impotent unreality, a metaphor if you will for the overwhelming defect of the “online experience” which is so easily held captive by the spirits of the air.

    I have a growing sense that “online” will be relegated to irrelevance for any sane Catholic who truly reverences goodness, truth and beauty. The written word beckons.

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