Pope Francis personally approves canonical rehabilitation of Satanic Serial Abuser Rupnik

Editor’s Note: ‘Everyone is presumed innocent before the law, that is before judgment in a tribunal’ is a juridical principal regarding the tribunal process, but it does not mean that after being accused, and tried, that if one is appealing, one can obtain privileges, especially if one is a serial rapist or murderer.

Consider the cases where Bishops merely spoke out against heresies being promoted and were called on the carpet or removed.

But Father Rupnick who was expelled from the Jesuits after being accused of numerous cases of sexual abuse including making women drink his own bodily fluids from a consecrated chalice, certainly does not enjoy the reputation which merits being allowed to be incardinated into a Diocese in Slovenia and made a priest in good standing, and with the personal permission of Pope Francis!

What is really going on in the mind of this man is beyond belief, when you read of  his daily castigations of perfectly normal clerical behavior, in the very same days, he allows serial abusers off the hook of justice:

This is an outrage. And it shows another reason by Bergoglio needs to be summed to a provincial Council, to be put on trial as to whether he shares the morals of the Catholic Church, without which one cannot hold any ecclesiastical office.

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