Update on Br. Bugnolo

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I still have not found any rental I could afford, or the offer of any place where, with my poor health, I could live in Europe. So I accepted the invitation of my relatives in the USA, and have returned for a time back to the States. I have not had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with them for 5 years, on account of being locked down in Italy during the Scamdemic.

For this reason, I will not be publishing any personal appeals in the next few months, since I have no need. So I ask you all to stop sending me money!

However, you will see more appeals for Ordo Militaris Inc.’s humanitarian and security projects to defend persecuted Christians, as I devote my time to attempting to open a training camp in the USA. I encourage you to participate in supporting this effort, so that the Catholic world might soon have a place where young men can be trained to defend us all.

Meanwhile, I will not cease to advocate for the convocation of a Provincial Council at Rome, so if anyone of means wishes to contact me to assist me start a group to lobby the Bishops, please do so, via +1 406 299 9260 via voice or sms.

For both purposes I will be traveling as needed, in North America and Europe, as the opportunities present themselves in the next year. But as I see that defending the Church and saving the Roman Church are more important to me than having a place to call my own, I have decided to put aside that project for now.

I have put all my things in Italy into storage for 50 euro a month, and leave the project of having a hermitage in the hands of God, while I put my concerns for His Household first.

A big thanks to all who donated for my move. These funds are more than enough to cover my personal expenses during the next year. God bless and keep you all!

CREDITS: The photo of Br. Bugnolo visiting the Castle of Tolfa on Oct. 22, 2023, is copyright by FromRome.Info.

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20 thoughts on “Update on Br. Bugnolo”

  1. Why would God want me to have more than I need? What I want to avoid is that my readers want to help me, rather than to help me do God’s work.

    1. Brother, if you are near Florida we would love to have you come visit us. We are a retired military family and we would love to see you.

  2. I was saddened to learn that you had to leave Europe, Brother Bugnolo. I had long thought it was your vocation and “charism” to remain in Europe. As an voice for the voiceless. And as an John the Baptist.

    Perhaps you were but an voice “crying in the wilderness.” But, the confessional is not discredited by the absence of penitents. And the Eucharist is still transfected. Non Obstant whether there are any fit to receive it.

    I was considering whether other countries in Europe may have had housing and an health care sector that would be appropriate to your needs. Such as Croatia. Or some other jurisdiction in the Balkans. The climate is temperate. And the Balkans are quite close to Italy. Geographically and Hydrographically.
    I recall that one of the companions of Thomas Merton, was one Robert (“Bob”) Lax. He was an jew but he converted to Catholicism as an consequence of his association with Merton.

    He became an poet and lived for many years in Greece. But, even he had to go home to the States eventually. He was from that area of New York State, north and west of New York City. And very close to the northern border of Pennsylvania. He also had health issues. Perhaps you could find an place, close to an urban area, in upstate New York, perhaps. Or Pennsylvania.

    I recall that one William Gayley Simpson, who wrote an number of books and had positions that you would probably intensely dislike, spent 10 years trying to imitate the life of St. Francis. Then he gave up and moved to an rural/semi – wilderness property given him by a friend.

    He spent the rest of his life there, slowly building and then enlarging an homestead. And doing very little else except writing books.

    Perhaps you might consider upstate Vermont. There has been an community of Orthodox monks who breed German Shepards there for about 50 years now. There is also an Carthusian “Charterhouse,” also in Vermont. They are the only Carthusian foundation in North America. They own an ski hill. And their monastery is on the other side of the mountain.


    1. I have personal preferences of course, but due to the work I do, I see that it’s best that I not linger too long in any one place, because I want to keep ecclesiastical law and I do realize that the work I do is too controversial to allow a bishop to not be persecuted for giving me permission to make a residence. As long as I am working for some existing non ecclesiastical institution, there is no problem. So I cannot found a monastery or seek refuge in one, right now.

  3. Isn’t it mad that holding to canon law and Church history is controversial even among the ‘Traditionalists’!

    1. There are a lot of signs which show that the Traditionalist Movement is now fully under Masonic control and neutralized, or spaded, might be a better word.

  4. Br. Alexis, I am so happy that you are here with us in the land of your birth. It is better for your personal safety, as you said, to move about. You are quite right about the bishops. Look what happened with the Carmelites. Even a well known Traditionalist exorcist was thrown out of his diocese in Oklahoma some years ago and he does not even acknowledge PBXVI as remaining the Pope until his death. You might say he is part of the Masonic control, but I do not believe he has received money from them. I myself am having difficulty even receiving Holy Communion at my FSSP parish. The pastor makes a rebuking gesture towards me after placing the Host on my tongue. Why? Because I have quietly shared with a few choir members my belief in PBXI’s papacy. The news made it back to the pastor. I’m holding on tight. My next strategy is to refrain from Holy Communion at this parish to neutralize the situation. That is how bad it is.
    You are always welcome at our home, Br. Alexis. We live near the University of Arizona where my husband is a professor of philosophy. He is Catholic, but does not share my views.

    1. Thank you. Keep receiving the Eucharist, imagining yourself with Our Lady and the Holy Women despised at the Foot of the Cross. Such love is precious and very consoling to Our Lord, amid so many sacrilegious communions.

  5. Brother Bugnolo, we are glad you stay at a safe place, among yours. In the USA maybe there are more people ready and brave to fight, than in the EU where antiglobalists are now tracked and hunted and already considered as most dangerous ter/ro-r-ists. BTW it’s a project in my country to forbid VPNs.

  6. Hi Brother Bugnolo

    I am sad to see you leave Europe. But given the state of the Church, I am sure you will be back. Tale care and may Our Lady and all the angels protect you.

  7. I have observed, that in these darker times, God is bringing families closer together, as they were in the old days. Maybe this is God’s way of of bringing you back to yours. I know He is working on my family in that way, circling the wagons, as it were.

    Just wanted to say, wherever you are, wherever you’re going, Vaya con Dios!

  8. I meant to say Thank You sooner – Thank you for your video on YouTube about traveling to Jasna Gora. I watched it before my pilgrimage & it did help that you pointed out the painting of Our Lady was in the chapel & not the basilica. The information about trains/train stations was also helpful.
    If you are in the states, could I make a suggestion? Have you been to Our Lady of Champion in WI? I only recently heard of this site. Apparently it is the only approved Marian apparition in US. Or have you been to the site of where Isaac Jogues was martyred? Or interesting Catholic sites in the US? If you do go, could you make a video? No worries if other obligations & finances prevent this.
    Happy All Saints Day!

  9. Thank you for your spiritual counsel to continue receiving Holy Communion. I followed it and the situation has resolved.

    May the Lord bless you, Br. Alexis. Thank you.

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