USA: Rothschilds now in complete control of US House of Representatives

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5 thoughts on “USA: Rothschilds now in complete control of US House of Representatives”

  1. Good article about time , how many years no one dared to stand up, trad groups are silent about even the treating of God as a dead object , instead they party and keep being silent ,l witness this disrespect at every mass , God is in us for fifteen you must give him gratitude after mass for fifteen minutes or else you treat him as a dead object , you must not eat or drink after mass for fifteen minutes , I hear Zero no wonder Mary cry’s , majority attend only out of habit ! God Bless

  2. We see daily the destruction of the Faith. We hear nothing from the pulpits of so called “Traditional” Priests. Crime is abound, murder is threw the roof, abortion mills on every corner (pills or physical), The Jew lobby controls every aspect of ALL governments. Even worse they control the Vatican. Bergolio is implanted , stamped and approved by the Rothschilds, Orsini, Warburgs and Oppenheimers. I have been assisting at “Traditional” Chapels since 1997, I met one or two priests in all these years that have had the courage to talk about what is going on in the world. Chapels around where I live have cook out, parties, breakfast clubs, cross country meets, Theology classes at bars where they drink and “learn” catechism. They dress like modern day prostitutes when they are not at chapels. They ALL run out after Mass, they do not care about God, Truly Present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Clergy is dead and has been dead for years. We have so called Bishops of Traditional chapels that even endorsed Vax. Our chapels are no longer Catholic they are worse than Protestants. I have to listen to Protestants and heretics to hear the truth about what is going on in the world. I hear NOTHING from our clergy. Family, friends, co-workers are all denying the truth of Fatima, of La Salette they could care less what Our Lady told us. We constantly play instead of pray. Nothing will change because no one cares or does anything. They live in silence and we will be punished for our silence and our ignorance of not correcting. Hell will be our punishment for silence.

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