CDC Data shows that DeathVaxx can reduce your life expectancy by 24 years

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5 thoughts on “CDC Data shows that DeathVaxx can reduce your life expectancy by 24 years”

  1. This quote from the article states what most people unvaxed were trying to say all the time:

    “ …….with the original vaccine, which was designed against the Wuhan Hu1 reference virus, which was NOT isolated from a Human but was generated on a computer.”

    1. I will be frank and say that this seems like a scam, because it cites no facts in the real world to prove that such a case exists. It does not even cite the nation or tribunal for the case, nor any news reports whatsoever. But it does ask for money.

      1. It does provide this link to a Google translation of a Court Order by Judge Jazmín Aragón Cambronero of the Administrative Court of Appeals of Costa Rica:

        Also, the organisation’s Chief Scientist is Dr Mike Yeadon. Based on well over 24 hours of his video and written materials I have studied over the past three years, I see no reason to distrust him or his motives.

  2. Here is the study the governments, health services and pharmaceutical companies do not want to do. This study shows more than 90% of disease and chronic illness is caused by vaccinations.

    The Amish for example are unvaccinated and have great health.

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