The NCR shell game on the Ecclesiology of the “Synod on Synodality”

Editor’s Note: Here is a classic propaganda piece which can only fool an ignorant. The article states that never again will it be conceivable that a Synod comprise only Bishops. But what it ignores is that for centuries and still today, Provincial Councils convoked not only Bishops, but priests and religious who were not in orders. Of course the NCR cannot mention the word, “provincial council”, lest some search engine lead someone back to the articles here at, where all the truth would hit the fan, as it were.

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3 thoughts on “The NCR shell game on the Ecclesiology of the “Synod on Synodality””

  1. The National ‘catholic’ Reporter has been the USA’s ‘mouthpiece’ for everything that is “Spirit of Vatican II” in recent decades. ‘Father Z’ has blogged many well-justified ‘rants’ against a publication that he derisorily refers to as “Fishwrap” or “National catholic Distorter”!!
    The UK has a similarly modernist/progressive/ultra-liberal publication named The Tablet……but more commonly known as “The Bitter Pill”!!

    One wonders at the mentality of self-professed Catholics who subscribe to these publications……my hunch is that their pride & consequent lack of humility prevents them from questioning some of the absurd rubbish they are reading, as they are still fixated on the laughable notion that “this is what the Council wanted”……

    Kyrie eleison;
    Christe eleison;
    Kyrie eleison.

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