VATICAN: “Synod” on Sex, Heresy and Marxism closes by removing Crucifix from High Altar

Editor’s Note: The conventical of sin has ended and significantly with a Mass, with the Crucifix removed from the high altar of St. Peter’s. This might mean that they realize that the Synodal Church cannot go “forward” (to Hell) if it rememers what the Crucified did; or, it may mean that the Synod was financed by the World Jewish Congress, which just opened an office at the Vatican and already has a say over the liturgical practices at Saint Peter’s.

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2 thoughts on “VATICAN: “Synod” on Sex, Heresy and Marxism closes by removing Crucifix from High Altar”

  1. There is no such thing as ‘The World Jewish Congress’ as it’s simply The Rothschilds and they are merely Jewish in appearance and name only….They’re actually Satanists/Luciferians. THE LAYPERSON’S MUST REMOVE THIS APOSTASY FROM THE VATICAN AS THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY OF A ONE WORLD RELIGION REGARDLESS OF THEIR ISLAMIC JIHAD THROUGH IMMIGRATION AND RESETTLEMENT to infest the world with the hatred, murder and regression to brutality of Pedophile Mohammed and the Medina Massacre around the world.

  2. Catholics need to boycott the Vatican ,it’s not the first time ,St John Paul held a musical evening there and all the Catholic images were covered,same as Assisi.Its a disgrace

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