Israeli Armed Forces bomb Refugee camp, more than 8250 civilians injured or killed so far

Editor’s Note: I will repeat here, what Ordo Militaris Catholicus’ official position is on those supporting these inhuman attacks on civilians:

Pro-Israeli politicians in the West have betrayed and dishonored the West.

They need to be deported to Gaza, to taste the rainfall of bombs that their patrons are dropping on innocent civilians!

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2 thoughts on “Israeli Armed Forces bomb Refugee camp, more than 8250 civilians injured or killed so far”

  1. Amen & AMEN as regards Ordo Militaris Catholicus’ ‘official position’!

    There will never be Peace again in the Holy Land until Christ is acknowledged as our Saviour & Redeemer, Who can lead us all to heaven as long as we obey the 10 Commandments and His teachings.

    In the meantime, the Jewish-backed Israeli-war-machine trundles mercilessly on, supported by all the puppet-leaders of “the West”. And Islam continues its strategy of ‘subdue & conquer’ upon all whom the Mohammetans consider as infidels. And Iran, Russia & China observe carefully what is happening before they, too, ‘enter the fray’……

    Are not the cries of the 000s & 000s of persecuted & slaughtered innocent civilians caught up in this horrendous war, heard by anyone?

    GOD is not mocked; and He will implement the most severe chastisements upon all those who foment wars & tyrannies & killings/maimings/imprisonments……

    Christus vincit;
    Christus regnat;
    Christus imperat.

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