USA: The Anti-Vaxxers have won! — FromRome.Info is now 100% vindicated for its scamdemic coverage

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

When victory is had, it’s time to run a victory lap and say, “I told you so”.’s 3.5 year crusade against every lie of the Scamdemic was a well-worth battle. Small though our readership is, we were an active component in a surge of humanity and rationality the world over which was launched against the 24/7 propaganda accepted acritically by all institutions, compliance to which resulted in a nightmare of totalitarian persecution which the human race has never collectively known.

But the news that Pfizer, one of the chief distributors of the DeathVaxxes — manufactured by the US Department of Defense — has suffered massive 3rd quarter falls in revenue due to a widespread public rejection of their products, is the icing on the victory cake. It shows that the vast totality of the public has accepted as true the dire warnings which were issued against this massive fraud and satanic plot.

History will record that false prophets such as Father Matthew Schneider, L.C., Steve Skojec of One Peter Five, and LifeSite News, who all pushed the DeathMask and compliance from the beginning and even debated the utility of the DeathVaxx were on the wrong side of history.

While tiny independent voices like myself and hundreds of others in all forms of social media got out the message of truth which warned humanity of the attempted mass democide.

Those voices, which spoke out against this, among Catholics were exceedingly few, a fact which drew tens of millions to listen to my videos and read my reports.

I never minced words, and coined the terms, DeathVaxx, DeathMask, DeathSwab to describe accurately the purpose of these controls.

Looking forward

May the bells of Nuremberg soon toll for all those who deserve to be hung, and be the end of the careers of all those fake social influences, who influenced for Satan and the Big Lie.

Yes, I too forgive them; but nevertheless, I think and urge that they all be hung, for the protection of humanity. These people were the worst possible form of grifters, who with reckless audacity and ignorance pushed what is now proven to be medically false information to the destruction of tens of millions of lives and the health of hundreds of millions, if not billions. The magnitude of the crime demands that every last one of them be punished, and the worst of them hunted down more zealously than members of Adolf Hitler’s regime.

Looking backward

Read the lengths to which a Legionnaire of the Antichrist, at the height of the DeathVaxx campaign, went to convince people not to read FromRome.Info, here. Watch my rebuttal here or read it here. I too forgive Fr. Schneider, but for the good of the Church, I believe he should be expelled from the clerical state and excommunicated, and offered reconciliation on only his deathbed, since he has embodied every possible virtue of a trusted servant of Satan and has gravely damaged the reputation of the Catholic priesthood.


CREDITS: Br. Bugnolo toasts this news of victory, as is fitting, with a glass of natural well water, wrought by the Hand of God.

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18 thoughts on “USA: The Anti-Vaxxers have won! — FromRome.Info is now 100% vindicated for its scamdemic coverage”

  1. Br Bugnolo.

    I give thanks to God for giving you your vocation and to you for deciding for private vows, this last which has given you the liberty to do this most important work for the good of the Church and humanity.

    Congratulations on a job we done!

    Viva Cristo Rey!

  2. I was one of few that also felt and realised and saw that something was off in the beginning, and that started me to try to find more information about it. all.
    Mainstream media is not to smart when it comes to certain subjects, and give themselves away early on.
    I found a lot of information, including your video when you walk in Rome at night. I had no idea who you were at the time, but managed to find out it, that it was you.
    Then more information started to come out about the “virus” and poison from scientists and doctors screaming to the world to stay aways. from it all, including the useless PCR testing etc.

    Thank you Br. Bugnolo!
    You and all this global darkness have actually brought me back to Christianity. There is no doubt for me anymore.
    I see certain things, and the world in general, in a very different way now, especially after this plandemic, and the sickening push of the deathvaxx.

    I have also seen a small change in deathvaxxed peoples personalities. These people seem to be more negative and more mean spirited, than they were before they took the poison. It also seems to provoke them more now when you say you are a Christian.
    I don’t know if you and others have noticed anything similar?

    Anyway, thank you for waking people up, for spreading the truth, and for your intense and fearless work that irritates the foot soldiers.


    1. Yes, I have a daughter in law and grandson who seem to me to have gotten more self centered. To be honest less thoughtful and more selfish! Thanks for bringing this up as I thought it was just my imagination..

  3. Thank you, Brother Bugnolo, for your very great courage revealing and standing up for the truth under great pressure, for the sake of humanity !! God Bless You!!

  4. I remember early on how you said you noticed it was the people who didn’t watch TV who realized what was really going on with this global tyranny plan … you are the only one who noticed that.

  5. This is a bittersweet moment. So many people have died and are dying (one estimate puts it at over 50 million so far). The cancers and other life threatening mRNA effects are only getting started…

  6. May God bless you and protect you, Br Bugnolo, for your tireless work fighting the good fight. You have been an inspiring light in the darkness of these times. I think of those who I love most, who were not interested in hearing and receiving alternative views and evidence to those constantly spewed from the mainstream media. Their bodies may have suffered irreparable damage from the diabolical shots. I don’t know if or when they will get seriously ill, but their immune systems already seem to have been affected, which leaves their little children vulnerable. The ordeals during lockdown have caused many of us to accept we may face death for not complying with government/WHO edicts, or even martyrdom in the woke hellhole that is fast being created. Being able to detach from everything is helpful. I am not a particularly brave person, but anger at being corralled gives me some strength to resist, as does my belief in the four last things.

  7. I am delighted to read that every single warning you published about the Scamdemic & the Death-Vaxxes has been vindicated.

    When the “Plandemic” was declared in mid-March 2020 I had only just been ‘hauled out of the abyss’ of a 2-year long severe depression which manifested itself one year after the Requiem Mass for my late wife Edith Ann [we had been married nearly 42 years]. And, before I had time to assess exactly what was going on following the “plandemic” declaration, our English & Welsh Bishops’ Conference took the absurd, catastrophic decision to shut all our places of worship for nearly three months, through Easter to Ascenscion, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday & Corpus Christi……I knew then that something very very demonic was being imposed upon the Faithful and it soon became clear that Rome was being obedient to the satanic globalist-freemasons, and that our Bishops’ Conferences were “just following orders” thus denying the life-giving Sacraments to the souls of the Faithful, especially those who were dying……

    The Church’s Hierarchy will be very severely chastised by GOD for these catastrophic & unprecedented actions so we must sincerely pray that the Hierarchy is able to show some true remorse and willingness to do Penance for their manifest & grievous sins against their flocks……

    And yet, now, despite all the evidence of ‘foul play’ on a global scale and deliberate attempts to kill, maim or imprison the majority of the global population, some of my friends in Christ in our linked-parishes are still willingly making appointments to receive the latest death-vaxxes and/or “winter flu” injections…..they seem completely oblivious to the dangers, completely accepting of the medical propaganda, completely dismissive of any attempts to “make them see sense”……my hunch is that their brains must have already been “frazzled” by previous death-vaxxes or similar……

    I pray for the eternal destiny of their souls as it seems certain that these individuals have not long to live……

    Kyrie eleison;
    Christe eleison;
    Kyrie eleison.

  8. Br Alexis-

    Since you were speaking the truth from the beginning, a lot of people have probably come to trust what you say.

    I will pray for you to stay in the Lord’s will, especially since the Bible tells us that teachers are held to a 9higher standard.

    Guess you’re entitled to that smirky little smile. It’s kinda cute, reminds me of one of my little brothers.

    May you receive God’s blessing when you share the truth with your readers.

    Your sister in Christ,

  9. Thank you, Brother Bugnolo, for standing up for the truth. I, too, sensed something was very “off” with this whole pandemic. I tried to warn others not to succumb to the vax. Sadly, a relative died suddenly from a heart attack. His undertaker confirmed what only a few of us already knew: he was loaded with clots. This undertaker, a devout Catholic, said verbatim: “I don’t understand why our government is doing this to its people”. We are living in very ominous times.

  10. Full credit to you Brother Bugnolo for your courage and perseverence in exposing the covid scam and the death vaxx. This has to be the greatest crime ever perpetrated on humanity ,and the planners and enablers deserve the most severe punishment.

    I recall that you said in the video “When the flu season comes” that when the death vaxxed realize the governments they trusted have tried to murder them then chaos will result and governments will fall. We cant be too far from this point.

  11. Thank you Br. Bugnolo for your courageous stand against the forces of darkness which swept across the Earth. Your research and vlogs helped save thousands of lives (or more). May God continue to keep you and bless you.

  12. Through out the crisis, the Church hierarchy including Pope Francis, implored people to get vaccinated. Pope Francis called it “an act of love” and getting vaccinated was presented by the Church to be the moral thing to do. Why aren’t the Catholics mad as hell at their “good shepherds” for leading us astray? This was a gigantic betrayal of trust.

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