Pope Francis’ Motu Proprio on the Pontifical Institute for Cultural Marxism (a.k.a. Theology)

Editor’s Note: Pope Francis published a document on the Pontifical Institute of Theology, which document is entitled, “Ad theologiam promovendam”. While this document does not regard the science of theology directly, it deals with it by calling for a revision of theological methods in the Pontifical Institute of Theology.

The infallibility of the pope, according to all Catholic theologians, extends only to the deposit of the Faith. That does not include the sciences of any kind, least of all of a “theology” abstracted from all revealed truth.

It is also noteworthy that this document is an Apostolic Letter in form of a Motu Proprio, since such documents, when they have nothing to do with the deposit of the Faith, have  the same level of authority as diplomatic missives. A Missive regarding a Pontifical Institute is in no way protected by the charism of infallibility since it regards a particular institution, not founded by Christ, in a moment of time.

Yet, one cannot ignore that in this Apostolic Letter, Pope Francis one again proves that he has not the slightest grasp of what the Christian religion is about. He proposes that Christian theology of the past be replaced by cultural marxist critiques. He even calls his new theologic method willed for the Institute, a needed “cultural revolution”.

It is obvious that this document was written with heavy in put of the CCP in Peking, other than that it is pure bunk.

An error in a science is not a heresy. But arguable attempting to attack the theological tradition of the Church is a schismatic act. This document therefore must be used in provincial council to accuse the man, Bergoglio, of apostasy, schism and the sum of all heresy, which is replacing the science of God with Marxist critique.

From this short text one can see clearly the hand of Cardinal Fernandez, the homosexual pervert (exert on kissing men’s ear lobes) recently made head of the non-existent Discastery for the Doctrine of the Faith. Non-existent, because during his valid papacy, Pope Francis never established such a body, even though he appointed the Cardinal to head it.

What the Church badly needs is rather a restoration of Scholastic Theology, as I and my colleagues proposed in the Schoslasticum.

Canonical  truth is important. If you ignore it, you will end up thinking the Church has ceased to exist, when the truth is, that Christ has allowed a crew of jerks to go off the canonical reservation, so as to preserve the juridical reputation of Holy Mother Church.

Maybe when Pope Francis canonizes Karl Marx, someone among the Cardinals will take note of this fact. (sarcasm) In the mean time, Cardinals who keep quite about this are shameful cowards.

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