VATICAN: Rumors of a radically changed procedure for Papal Elections

Editor’s Note: Those who knew Pope Benedict XVI was the pope until death but who maliciously and intentionally boycotted the election of his successor on January 30th, may soon see the day wherein their treachery to Christ, Pope Benedict XVI and Saint Peter destroys the papacy forever, one way or the other. All these opposed the valiant faithful Catholics of the Church of Rome who want to put and end to the crisis in the Church, stabbing them in the back in the most vile manner before and after the Assembly of January 30th. The canonical order of the Church was restored on that day, but a much better man could have been elected if the faithful were encouraged to attend and nominate them. For the record, I nominated Bishop Henry Gracida and urged 3 times that he be elected.

Can a pope alter the procedure for the election of his successor? Yes. Is there any limit to his power? Yes. What is it?

Apostolic Tradition.

Thus, a pope can establish by law that his successor be elected by any number or combination of Catholics from the Church of Rome, clergy, religious or lay. But he CANNOT exclude the clergy of the Diocese of Rome, nor can he include clergy or laity or religious who are not from the Church of Rome, that is, from the suburbican dioceses or from the Diocese of Rome.

Hence if Pope Francis establish a law wherein he admits to the election as voting members laity or religious or clergy who are not canonically members of the Diocese of Rome or one of the 7 suburbican dioceses around it, then the election will be ipso facto NULL and VOID, since the Pope has no authority to alter Apostolic Tradition, only apply it.

Let us hope that he does make such a fatal error so that the true Faithful of the Church of Rome can elect his successor. I for one will be ready to organize that again.

BTW: this news proves that the Vatican is now well aware of the Assembly of January 30 and that no argument against the canonical validity of that assembly is possible since it was perfectly conform with Apostolic Tradition. Moreover, Jesuit Cardinal Ghirlanda, whom I bested in private debate back in 2019, seems to have become a student of my preparatory work for that Assembly, in that he is now urging that laymen and women be allowed to vote, in accordance with Apostolic Tradition.

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