Notice to Readers of FromRome.Info regarding AI Bots and Commenting

Going forward, FromRome.Info will no longer accept or publish comments from new commentators, due to the high number of AI bots which have begun to attempt to simulate human commenting here at FromRome.Info.

AI’s entry into social media this year will quickly turn comment boxes into fake news and so artificially crafted compositions of error and truth as to make it worthless to read and time consuming to analyze.

To avoid this, FromRome.Info will entirely ban all comments from those who have never commented before at FromRome.Info, even if they are humans using new email accounts. This will preserve truly human communications here at in the easiest way possible.

Apologies to new human readers at FromRome.Info, but since you are very few, and since the AI bots are very numerous, a small low budget journal without employees, like FromRome.Info cannot handle this threat to human freedom in any other way, effectively.

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12 thoughts on “Notice to Readers of FromRome.Info regarding AI Bots and Commenting”

  1. Makes no difference to me Brother, because I can’t get past Akismet anyway even though I am in broad agreement with everything you say.

  2. Thank-You, Brother Alexis and Crew…Not certain how many are with you in working in this endeavor. The world was always strange; but it’s becoming truly debauched and horrendous and continue to wonder how God can stomach it all.

  3. Best and most challenging news outlet ever, and enjoyed your unique perspective on everything…including the whole Papal election saga.

  4. Many thanks for the “heads up”, Brother Alexis.
    You have adopted a sensible strategy in the current circumstances.
    I look forward to being able to continue to comment as appropriate on the various postings at

    Pax tecum.

  5. Not that i doubt, or have any reason to doubt, that AI is inserting itself into comment boxes, are you doing this just because we know this is now happening? Or isnitnthst you have noticed comment you actually suspected of being AI?

    If the later, how did you know? What tipped you off the comments were AI?

    1. I did, and I do not want to reveal my detection methods. More than a dozen AI bots have attempted to comment here in the last 12 months.

  6. Are you still allowing comments from me? I’m never quite sure. Some of them seem to mysteriously disappear. But of course I am not a rubber stamp by any means, so I expect that to happen from time to time.

  7. Thank you for the heads-up Brother B.
    I imagine it’s only a matter of time before AI Bots post incendiary, GAE approved comments in order to justify canceling any conservative/Christian URLs via direct threats to ISP providers.

    So good call!

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