Br. Bugnolo and AJ Baalman discuss whether the Antichrist has already been born

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16 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo and AJ Baalman discuss whether the Antichrist has already been born”

  1. How can anybody have any doubts? „Some whealty italian gentleman” influenced Francis to come up with Amoris Laetitia, wouldn’t that meet the criteria for antichrist? Imagine, someone had such a power as to influence pope to try to manipulate and try to cancel God’s Commandments?

  2. Salutary! Might St Hildegard mean by “ugly” that being profoundly disfigured by sin, Antichrist will be spiritually ugly and because so, would appear physically ugly to the just, whilst to the unjust appearing beautiful?

  3. AJ & Br. Bugnolo

    Many thanks for this most excellent program. Indeed the distortion of truth, and tolerance for evil could well be a sign that the AntiChrist is alive.

    But some time ago on another blog post about La Salette you posited that the AntiChrist was born in 2018. I thought about it and think it could be a valid alternative to the scenario you indicate in today’s video. Why? Because:
    – The miracle of the sun at Fatima in 1917 and the one that ocurred at Ourem in 2017, I think are warnings from heave about the events of the Apocalypse. And 2018 follows 2017 which is the centenary of Fatima.
    – Because the AntiChrist would be 12 in 2030 – the year all the globalists are making such a big deal about.
    – Because both Communist China and Russia in 1950 established a joint 100 year plan to conquer the west. The AntiChrist would be 33 in 2051, the age of Christ at his death.

  4. At the beginning of the show you commented about someone erroneously saying that those people who have been confirmed would not be influenced by the AntiChrist. Sometime ago I heard Taylor Marshall say that St Vincent Ferrer said that unless one was confirmed one would not be able to resist the AntiChrist. I take this to mean that one needs confirmation to have some hope of staying Catholic during the apocalypse. What say you?

    1. I am not going to reply to the allegation that Taylor Marshall said something, as I do not consider him a reliable source for anything.

  5. Br Bugnolo

    Another question, I am considering buying a new house that has the space to have a farm and live off the land. My only concern is that it is next to a creek at only 15 meters elevation above sea level and about 8-9kms inland. The book of the Apocalypse talks about coastal cities being destroyed. I also remember hearing sometime ago that Pope JPII in an interview about not making the 3rd secret of Fatima public said something to the effect that publicising catastrophic events, such as having Florence submerged….is not something then to be desired. I am probably butchering this last comment by JPII. But my concern is whether it is unwise to buy a property at such a low elevation so close from the coast knowing it is so close to the coast. Can you advise me as to this risk?

    1. It depends on the part of the world you are in. In SE Asia there are frequent tsunamis. In North Carolina there are frequent hurricanes. And in other parts of the country flooding is frequent. Search local records for history of flooding in the last 200 years in the area. Also, if you house is on a hill and all land around it, is lower, and there is no history of such flooding, these factors may not be worthy of concern. Do your research. Most property for sale is for sale for a reason. And frequently there are major problems with the title, land, structure etc.. which are not evident at first sight. So hire experts to inspect. Do not ignore cracks in walls, retaining walls, floors, etc.. as they are signs of earth movement which could be much worse in future.

      1. Indeed. Those things are necessary for any normal situation. My question is more related to extraordinary circumstances – like:

        – Rev 8:8, which describes a “huge mountain, burning with fire” being thrown into the sea.

        – “oceans flooding vast sections of the earth” from “one minute to the next”, killing “millions” – words spoken by Pope John Paul II during a conference at Fulda, Germany in 1980, when asked about the contents of the third secret of Fatima secret.

        For example, if Cumbre Vieja were to be the mountain from Rev 8:8 I think I should be safe since I live in northern Spain and mountains protect the coast. But if it is a huge asteroid…. then living in at low elevation area could very well be a problem. How do you interpret Rev 8:8 and Pope JPII’s comments at Fulda?

      2. St.Hildegard von bingen says that most cities on the coast will be destroyed when a huge stone falls from heaven into the sea. So, yes, it is better to follow the counsel of Our Lord to “flee to the mountains” than purchase property near the coast.

  6. Thanks for the advicd Br Bugnolo. The sanctuary of Fatima is at an altitude of 340m above sea level and is around 40 kms inland from Narazé, one of the places in the world with the largest waves.

    So clearly Our Lord and Our Lady are advising us to stay clear of the coast and flee to the mountains.

  7. According to Scripture, Tradition, various Church Fathers and approved private Catholic prophecy, there will be many antichrists preceding THE Antichrist. In my opinion, the facts that you quote suggest a multiplication of antichrists nowadays as part of the Minor Chastisement, which will be followed by an Age of Peace, before the Major Chastisement breaks loose with the coming of THE Antichrist.

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