CANADA: Health Canada admits Plasmid contamination in DeathVaxxes

Editor’s Note: This report is from Oct. 21, 2023, but as it just came across my desk, I am sharing it for record.

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3 thoughts on “CANADA: Health Canada admits Plasmid contamination in DeathVaxxes”

  1. I pointed this out to some co-workers some weeks back – given that this was coming from our Health Department and therefore couldn’t be dismissed as “fake news”. Nobody cared.

    So basically, when trying to show people what is happening, people will insist something is “misinformation” and “fake news” as long as possible, and when the source renders it impossible for them to dismiss it at “fake news”, we then find out that they simply don’t care. The “fake news” bit is just a way for them to shut down the discussion and is not really a concern about the information presented being real since when they can’t deny the reality of the source one is quoting, they still don’t care, which means they never cared – even when they were feigning a concern about such claims being “fake news”.

  2. These deathvaxxed people are doomed. I tried to tell a few, but all I got was negativity back. Not even interested to look at the facts. They are on full speed on the highway straight to hell.
    They are brainwashed sheeple, and put all their beliefs, and trust, in to the corrupt masonic controlled politicians and system. You really can’t reason with them at all. I’m honestly done with them. Here in NZ, some voted for the same people (Labour) that locked down the country, coerced, and then deathvaxxxed 91% of the country, and they also ruined the economy, did nothing to fight increase in crime, and sold the country to Blackrock. It’s so disappointing to see all these people, not having any critical thinking and common sense at all. This hive mind mentality, to belong in a stupid group, instead of doing the right thing and fight back. The Deagel report predicted 2 million people less here by 2025. People are leaving in droves already, mostly to Australia and other English speaking countries, the rest will probably die from the deathvaxx by 2025.

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