Archbishop Viganò: Pope Francis is a manifest enemy of God and of the Church

Editor’s Note: The Archbishop, as a member of the clergy of the Roman Church, would be a most excellent prosecutorial witness at a Provincial Council to condemn Bergoglio, as I have advocated now for some 5 years.

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3 thoughts on “Archbishop Viganò: Pope Francis is a manifest enemy of God and of the Church”

  1. One only has to hear the word “concrete” from an ecclesiastic to know that they are a limp-wristed deviant modernist. The yuk factor is overwhelming at times.

  2. Archbishop Vigano’s and Br Bugnolo’s messages kept me (almost) sane during the lockdowns. Lights in the darkness. Thank you.

  3. “Same old, same old” [but highly justified] critiques of Bergoglio by Abp Vigano, but without doing anything positive to try and remedy the situation……a Provincial Council ‘remedy’ as has been strongly recommended by Brother Alexis for the past 5 years!

    When oh when oh when will Vigano and other senior prelates who consistently criticise Bergoglio’s many errors/heresies/opposition to the TLM/potentially-schismatic-actions/utterings……when will they “wake up and smell the coffee” and take ACTION rather then hiding away in their personal catacombs and ‘spouting forth’ about everything that is wrong with Pope Francis……?!?!

    Christus vincit;
    Christus regnat;
    Christus imperat.

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