USA: DeathVaxxes have achieved their goal with 80+ million Population reduction

Editor’s Note: If you do not have access to the Wall Street Journal, you can read a summary of the article on Linkedin, here:

The sum of which is, that after the Scamdemic, the US Census Bureau has radically altered their projections for the future population totals in the United States, down grading them by as much as 80 million people. If you statistically analyze the numbers, you can easily infer that the death toll from the DeathVaxxes in the USA, calculated from lower fertility (death in womb), shorter life spans (higher mortality), means that in the USA alone more than 100 million will be killed by the DeathVaxxes before the end of the century. But the USA is only 1/25 of the entire population in the world, so that means the total death toll may reach 2.5 Billion, which is around what I warned back in June of 2021.

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