Br. Bugnolo: The sacking of Strickland is an act of Schism with the Catholic Church

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


Even a pope is automatically excommunciated if he commits the crime of ecclesiastical schism, which consists in refusing communion with members of the Church.

This crime is even greater, when a pope refuses communion with a legitimate and Catholic member of the hierarchy.

But sacking a Bishop without cause and for no crime other than being a Catholic is the worst crime of refusing communion.

Therefore, the act whereby Pope Francis attempted to sack Bishop Strickland of Texas is an act of schism, which has ipso facto merited Pope Francis the penalty of excommunication leveled in Canon 1364.

This means that Catholics in good conscience can refuse all commands and orders of Pope Francis and priests can refuse to mention his name in the Canon.

However, only a provincial or general Council of the Church can declare that Pope Francis has lost his office or is no longer a member of the Church.

Therefore, it becomes the grave duty of all who recognize this as an act of schism, to join the Sutri Initiative and insist on a Provincial Council to judge the crime.

CREDITS: A Photo of Br. Bugnolo visiting the Castle of Tolfa, in the Suburbican Diocese of Porto Santa Rufina, outside Rome, this October.

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6 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo: The sacking of Strickland is an act of Schism with the Catholic Church”

  1. As I was leaving mass today (Nov 12 2023) I spoke to my priest, “I’m for Bishop Strickland and against blessing same-sex unions. What do you think about all that?”
    He answered, “I think Bishop Strickland should be removed.”
    I said, “Really? I thought his teachings were always correct Catholic teachings.”
    He answered, “That’s not the reason he was removed. He’s gone because he was rebel to the pope.”
    I said, “He was criticizing the pope?”
    He answered, “No, he was a rebel rouser. I’m glad he’s gone! ”
    I said, “He was trying to divide the church?”
    He answered, “No, let’s just say he was in the pope’s face.”
    (he started talking to others so I didn’t try to talk longer, just left)

    1. There is a 100% chance that your priest is a practicing sodomite. Keep your boys away from him. Warn the other parents. Ask around, and surely someone has already seen something strange.

    2. Anyone who thinks Bishop Strickland should be removed because he was a thorn in the side of “Pope” Francis should be avoided at all costs.

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