Br. Nathanael debunks Ben Shapiro’s Blood-Thirsty Zionism

 How a Jew should really think about the Holy Land, is explained in this short video about Br. Nathanael’s reading of the Gospel of St. Matthew… Brother is a member of the Orthodox Church, but his teaching here on St. Matthew is 100% catholic and patristic.
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3 thoughts on “Br. Nathanael debunks Ben Shapiro’s Blood-Thirsty Zionism”

  1. THANK-YOU…St. Matthew spoken by an Orthodox convert from Judaism…Sanity found in a world gone openly mad in Satan/Lucifer’s delusional arrogance in evil.

  2. Many thanks for sharing.
    Brother Nathaniel gives us clear, precise teaching in accordance with Catholic tradition, the Fathers, and the early Councils.
    No lukewarmness, milquetoast or modernist/progressive protestant garbage here……
    Rather, this is much more in the “hell-fire and damnation” category……
    So may Almighty GOD bless & protect Br Nathaniel at all times.
    DEO gratias.

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