VATICAN: Pope Francis forcibly removes Bishop Strickland from office, without cause

Editor’s note: A provincial council regarding Bergoglio’s doubtful faith and canonical status as pope during the last 10+ years was and is the way to prevent injustices like this in the Church. This is why all those Bishops who discounted the many messages and emails sent by readers of FromRome.Info will soon rue the day, when what I warned against, comes to pass. It’s happening.

And all those who mocked my call for a Provincial Council now have egg on their face. Let’s see how many of them admit that they share responsibility in this injustice. It will be interesting to see how the Bishop responds, too.

Canonically, the Faithful can regard this act as invalid, because the 5 Cardinals by their Dubia showed, in the publish responses of Pope Francis, that it can be canonically doubted that he is a catholic. That doubt was licit to hold after October 12th, when 90 days passed without any sign of repentance from Bergoglio.

The Sutri Initiative remains the only prophetic and canonical course left for the Church. For the Church must either decide to cease to exist, under a raving heretic; or must decide to defend Herself by deposing him from office. Encourage everyone, now, to join this initiative.

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5 thoughts on “VATICAN: Pope Francis forcibly removes Bishop Strickland from office, without cause”

  1. Is there anything he can do to strike back at the Church Deep State? What is Burke, Brandmuller doing re their latest Dubia?Has it all gone quiet on this front?

    1. The Cardinals established the public fact of his pertinacity and heresy by tricking Archbishop Fernandez to publish the Pope’s response. Now only a council can judge the matter. — However, outside of the Roman Province, other provincial councils can also be called and call for such a council at Rome or for the deposition of Bergoglio, or even pronounce him a heretic or schismatic or invalidly elected.

  2. It would be most gratifying if Bishop Strickland himself, launched a campaign calling for a provisional council to examine Bergoglio.

    1. I sense he wont fight, because I sense as good as he is, without the faithful fighting, he sees no hope in fighting.

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