Westen interviews Bishop Strickland on the topic of being sacked by a heretical and Schismatic Pope

 Commentary and Critique by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As can be seen from the Twitter intro and what John Henry Westen says from the start of this video interview, Westen is extremely forceful on one point: that everyone accept as valid and legitimate the unjust act of Pope Francis, who without a doubt is the Pope.

Westen is a recruit of the Gladio Network in Spain where he got his start from an organization which works closely with the CIA, as has been reported before back in 2021. Since the forced resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, he has ever insisted that we accept as valid the invalid election of March 2013 of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He has always also insisted that we accept his unjust acts.

This doctrine of Westen is clearly not a catholic one. It is rather the Masonic one. Because no where in Scripture nor in Canon Law are we taught or asked to accept unjust acts as valid in law. The whole notion of such an absurdity is tantamount to saying that error has rights, or that an evil God must be obeyed.

That is not the Catholic Faith. but that is the faith of a cult which worships Satan.

Framing the entire interview under this error, Westen proceeds to interview Bishop Strickland and attempt to manipulate him into this position.

And while it seems that Bishop Strickland proposes a prayer-only solution, it is also increasingly clear as the interview goes on, that unlike Westen, Strickland wants the world to understand that there is a war in the Church by a conspiracy of men who want to destroy Her and change the Gospel.

Missing in this interview is the word, “Church Militant” and the notion of the natural right of self defense.

No where in the Gospel or in the teaching of the Magisterium or the Saints has it ever been taught that the Church on Earth should merely pray and suffer. No where has it ever been taught that pacifism is the perfection of spirituality.

If the Church is to recover from this Crisis as Bishop Strickland affirms, someone in the Church is going to have to fight for the truth and recognize that some human persons in the Church are its Enemies and need to be removed from power, by every legitimate and or lawful means.

That is what the Sutri Initiative is all about. And if you watch this video, you will be assured that the notion of simply praying as is presented here means that others must do the fighting. Just as at Lepanto, the whole Catholic World prayed the Rosary, while the Catholic Marines carried the battle to victory with blood, sweat and much self sacrifice.

I would ask the readers of FromRome.Info to share such truths in comments on the above video wherever it be found. Westen wants a Church Passive instead of a Church Militant. That is not Catholic. And we should not let him get away with the obvious manipulation he has attempted in this video.

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6 thoughts on “Westen interviews Bishop Strickland on the topic of being sacked by a heretical and Schismatic Pope”

  1. Yes. My initial reaction to receiving this news was ..outrage. Now, after 24 hours , my emotions are subdued…but, I totally agree that just to” let’s all just drop it, and go forward ” is a cop out. Not to stand up for the Truth of Christ in all of its justice is to stand with the modern church of nice…
    which is , as exhibited by BishopStrictlands demotion, is really, only nice to those who don’t challenge their usurped modernist and
    athiestic authority .

  2. When Bergoglio was an anti-pope before Jan. 30 of this year, he accepted the resignations of many Bishops when they reached the age of 75. How do you view the new appointees that followed these resignations? Isn’t the previous bishop still the true bishop, despite his age, if he is still alive? In January, you said that the new ones were grandfathered in, or words to that effect. I still have doubts about that, especially since these Bergoglio-appointed Bishops have not said they were sorry for closing churches during the Scamdemic and promoted the death-Vaxx and many are globalists.

    1. Personal preferences and feelings mean nothing in matters canonical. You cannot decide that the Church should be this or that because you do not like it. The Church is what She is because She obeys the Laws of Jesus Christ. So no anti pope can appoint a bishop; but a bishop named by an antipope who is then validly elected pope, as has happened before, after the antipope is validly elected, becomes validly the bishop, but not during the time of the antipapacy, only after the valid election.

      Popes can fail in morals. A man can pretend to be a Catholic and fool many.

      So there is no doubt that Pope Francis was validly elected in Jan. 30th. The question remains is whether in the sight of God he ever intended to accept the office, as Archbishop Vigano supposes. Only a council can resolve that. No election or assembly can do that.

      Those wanting that all the problems be solved in the Church because of the election of March 13, 2013 or of January 30, 2023, are totally informed Catholics at best, or malicious grifters, who do not understand that discernment of crimes and punishment for them can only be done by bodies with jurisdiction to judge, not by bodies which only the ministerial authority to elect.

      These grifters present the matter differently because they use calumny and detraction to attempt to divert attention from truth tellers and to drive money into their own pockets.

  3. If it is discerned by a provincial council with jurisdiction that Archbishop Vigano’s thesis is correct, that Bergoglio never intended to accept the office either in 2013 or 2023, then? His valid election on Jan. 30 would be nullified? And all of his appointments? Would they, afterward, need to be reconfirmed or dismissed by a newly elected valid Pontiff? We currently have German bishops approving blessings of same-sex ‘marriages.’

    1. If a council made such a determination, as regards a point in time past, then they could declare that he was never validly elected. But because of the problems of ex-post factum judgements, a council would probably only declare that at the moment interrogated in council, he expressed himself as a heretic or schismatic or apostate and declare the sede vacante only from that moment on.

  4. I have never trusted J H Westen and therefore have not wasted much time on the tsunami of articles published by LifeSite News, though occasionally an piece appears which seems to have been written by a practicing Catholic with a good knowledge of the One True Faith……

    Westen’s body-language has always come across to me as effeminate……though I cannot possibly discern whether he is just “gay”, or friendly to all the LGBTQ+ sinners whose personal Pride, Lust, Anger, and Spiritual Sloth has driven GOD/Christ out of their lives to the extent that their immortal souls will burn in hellfire for all eternity unless they solemnly confess to and repent of their sins, promise to amend their lives, and receive Absolution from a valid Catholic priest!

    I was grateful to FromRome.info for revealing in recent years that Westen is a recruit of the Gladio network, closely associated with the CIA and, therefore, part of the “controlled-opposition” network of untrustworthy ‘catholic’ grifter-puppets who are paid to promote the particular narrative that their masonic lords/masters/tyrants/globalists demand, whilst trying to deceive their readers into making generous donations to fund their own particular immoral lifestyles……

    Christus vincit;
    Christus regnat;
    Christus imperat.

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