All the adherents of the False Church join together against the Sutri Initiative

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Sutri Initiative is the only canonical way of removing Pope Francis from the papacy for heresy, schism, idolatry, apostasy, blasphemy and idolatry. Catholics have known about this initiative since it was launched on Oct. 20 2023.

But since that time, it has amazed me how many from all sides are openly attacking the initiative.

Whether they be Globalists, homosexualists, Modernists, liberals, Jews — who would be expected to support Pope Francis — or whether they be Sedevacantists, Minutellians, Cioncians, Bergoglio-is-certainly-the-pope-ists, they are united in one mystical body of depravity to insist that this initiative be stopped.

The comments coming from all these groups are so similar as to be personally shocking, and of the kind I cannot republish due to their vile verbiage.

But one thing is true: the mystical body of the Antichrist is enraged in every cell of its body against this initiative.

And this is another reason why sincere and authentic Catholics should united against them and join this Movement to remove Pope Francis, the fraud, from the Apostolic See.


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One thought on “All the adherents of the False Church join together against the Sutri Initiative”

  1. Hmmm……satan & his wicked spirits must realise that their time is ‘running out’ and, even though we have Divine assurance that “the gates of hell will NOT prevail”, all the demons from hell and their obedient puppets in the Church’s hierarchy & laity are wreaking as much havoc as possible [via their usual wretched strategy of Deception creating Division creating Distraction creating Discouragement……] in a desperate attempt to prevent “the Sutri initiative” from taking place, as it is the only solution to the apocalyptic current crisis in the Church.

    Kyrie eleison; Christe elesion; Kyrie eleison.
    Christus vincit; Christus regnat; Christus imperat.

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