Coverage of Bishop Strickland case explodes across the World

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If Pope Francis thought he was going to advance his agenda by sacking Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas, he might be having second thoughts as of tomorrow morning, as the reaction to his vicious act of schism against a faithful Catholic Bishop has caused an explosion of coverage world wide.

Already, on Google Search alone there are more than 10 pages of news reports (more than 200+) about the sacking of the Bishop.

But it gets much worse, as the majority of the headlines make it clear that Pope Francis sacked the Bishop to promote agendas which are contrary to Catholic teaching. Also, all the sources of information which are clearly inimical to the Catholic Church are loudly applauding what was done, even though it was entirely without cause.

And so, the mask has entirely been ripped away for all but the most craven supporters of Pope Francis. And that is a good thing.

Instead of making excuses for Bergoglio we all need to work together to get him removed.

I invite all those who have criticized him in the last 10 years to join the Sutri Initiative, which is the only canonically valid way of achieving this.

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6 thoughts on “Coverage of Bishop Strickland case explodes across the World”

    1. Interesting that the first two articles with visible attribution are from “Bishop Pat Buckley”, who was validly but illicitly raised to the episcopacy and excommunicated shortly afterwards.

  1. In the screen capture at the top of this article.
    The first image / article immediately below the word sacked in the search line and the image / article immediately to its right.

    1. Wow, you have good eyes. It was only a group of images on Google Image viewer for illustration. It by no means was intended as an endorsement. But Yes, Google is giving priority to every liar out there to hide the truth.

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