7 thoughts on “Why both Strickland and Pope Francis are in the wrong … (Video)”

  1. As they like to say: “They are all in this together”. To me, it all seems like theater, intended to destroy the reputation of the papacy. It appears that almost everybody is involved in it, knowingly or unknowingly, except for very few, like yourself.

    1. If that is your impression, maybe it is because Bishop Strickland is of the lineage of Cardinal Rampolla. Thirty five years ago it was ArchBishop Lefevbvre who was acting the part of Strickland…. and Brother Bugnolo and AJ managed to show that he was most likely a freemason.

  2. In this hard-hitting video Brother doesn’t pull any punches. We need to get it in front of Strickland, Burke, Mueller et al, and if these good bishops don’t take the Sutri action, it behoves the Almighty to destroy Rome as Our Lady of La Salette stated.

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