Barnhardt shows she is 100% Incompetent to talk about the Papacy

Editor’s Note: The infighting in the fake opposition is intense. Here is a case where Ann Barnhardt — arbitrated to be responsible for $100,000 penalty in a case where she was accused of fraud and constructive fraud — faults Michael Matt (whose great, great, great maternal grandfather, who started the publishing business was a Frankist Jew, convert from Lutheranism) for saying that Pope Francis should be held to be anathema. — In this he is 100% right on.

But Barnhardt shows she is 100% incompetent to speak on issues regarding the Papacy, because everyone who has read a little papal history knows that many popes did horribly immoral things, like sell Churches for profit (a thing anathematized by the Second Council of Nicea, an infallible general council of the Church).

Many Catholic influencers attempt to seize the limelight by uttering something cutting or noteworthy, but the ones who are ignorant of the topic on which they speak often show that by saying things which are completely wrong.

Ann Barnhardt is not a cradle Catholic. She was a Catholic for about 15 years after her conversion to the Faith, following 10 years of cohabiting, after which she became a sedevacantist for rejecting that Pope Benedict XVI have a successor.

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