The Globalist Trap is closing: Digital Wallets in Europe and Depopulation in the USA

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4 thoughts on “The Globalist Trap is closing: Digital Wallets in Europe and Depopulation in the USA”

  1. For the information of those who read this page, for at least the past 30 years, (unless it has recently been removed), there was an “Georgia Guidestones in Miniature”), on Mount Royal, in Montréal. It was located quite close to the parking lot that one uses, if arriving at the park up boulevard Camillien Houde. It was quite small, no more than 12 feet high. And having only three (I think), standing stones. I have not been up on “the Mountain” for several years. As I now live out of town. Perhaps someone could find it on Google Maps. And attach it to an future post.

  2. The quest for complete digitalization moves apace. Our parish priest devoted his entire Sunday sermon to exhort the congregation to stop using the collection basket and instead use electronic bank transfers. He stepped over the line in saying that the people already doing this, the minority, were the only ones supporting the parish financially. I know that behind the scenes our government has been planning for a cashless society, so I wonder if a directive has come from above. During the year at all Masses one Sunday, census-like survey forms were given out to all except children to fill out. We were also given a dispensation to use our mobile phones to complete them online, the preferred method. The forms that were passed along my pew ran out just before they got to me, which was fortuitous. I have no desire to ‘feed the beast;’ and take your warning seriously, Br Bugnolo, not to engage with AI either.

    1. I honestly think you should share some articles about the danger of digitilization with your parish priest. He seems to be clueless.

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