VATICAN: Pope Francis’ health is failing & how we know

Editor’s Note: Whenever the pope is sick, and his press office makes up stories, then you can be certain that the reason is much more grave than they are letting on. Speculations about the deaths of monarchs are seen as a threat to power to those courtesans of the monarchs in power. — The Vatican Press Office made up a story last week to explain why Pope Francis did not feel well enough to give a scheduled address, when he failed to give it. This is serious matter. It implies grave problems affecting breathing, speech, metabolism or cognition. — Catholics should not speculate on the death of Popes, but it is not a sin to pray that the life of an evil man or bad pope to be hastened, nor necessarily a virtue to pray for a longer life of a holy pope, as the Lord Alone is the Lord of Life. But Pope Francis is so controversial that there are ardent factions on each side of such speculations; the only problem is, that the side which actually prays and believes in God is not praying for a longer pontificate.

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9 thoughts on “VATICAN: Pope Francis’ health is failing & how we know”

  1. If this is the case, then we should storm heaven with prayers for his permanent conversion, that he may at least repent on his death bed. How horrible it must be to be judged by Our Lord and told that he does not recognize who we are. I don’t wish that on anyone.

    1. Saint John the Apostle does not recommend that we should pray for those involved in habitual mortal sin. Perhaps, because it is a sin of presumption to think God will grant them the grace of repentance after such long lives of sin. In such cases, praying that God deliver His people is perhaps the only just thing to do.

      1. I never claimed he converted. And why you say so, I do not understand. That Christ prays for His Vicar is by a higher law (the Divine Will) and regards One who is not obliged by the counsels of an Apostle. Christ is God, after all.

  2. Cdl J-M Bergoglio a.k.a ‘Pope Francis’ w.e.f. 30/01/2023 has suffered frail bodily health for many years [I will not attempt to try and discern his psychological health, though the sad fact is that we have many reasons to be concerned……], and his bodily health has deteriorated further over the last eighteen months……

    My ‘gut feeling’ is that Divine Providence will enact “the biological solution” quite soon whereupon the eligible Cardinals of Holy Mother Church will HAVE to elect/elevate a genuine successor to the Throne of Peter……

    As there does not appear to be a single member of the Church’s Hierarchy who is prepared to enact “the Sutri initiative” which Brother Alexis has been rightly calling for, for some time, then let us pray for Pope Francis, despite his many manifest problems, that he may repent of his sins before his immortal soul is called to its eternal rest……

    Kyrie eleison;
    Christe eleison;
    Kyrie eleison.

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