It is Us or Them, one has to go ….

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Left has a popular talking point which they use to disarm their enemies. It goes like this: We have to get beyond the primitive mentality of the Us or Them world, in which there are two irreconcilable camps which cannot co-exist. We have to see each other as human beings, equals, with mutual concerns and issues, and learn to cross the divide and work together.

You probably have heard this 1000 times. You know where it comes from and what kind of people speak this way.

But if you dig into history you find that those who actually think this way are the ones who thought up this talking point. And they actually do view the world as two irreconcilable camps, the other of which must be wiped off the face of the map, or at least, reduced to a cruel slavery.

Except that they use this talking point to disarm the other camp so that they can actually achieve their evil world view, by gaining power, influence or control bit by bit over their intended victims.

It’s quite dishonest and vicious. And it is not Christian.

And though we Christians are not disposed to see the world in this light, since we desire that all men come to repentance and are saved; yet we would be in denial of the reality in which we live if we ignore than in history and in our own day there do exist some who actually have gone way beyond the pale of the common criminal and misanthrope and do want to do evil without limit and achieve such a goal, as narrated in this talking point.

And to continue to deny that there are such enemies of God or of Catholics in the world is to do nothing less than enable them to thrive and murder souls and bodies.

For no society can continue to exist if it permits another society which wills its annihilation to thrive. This is common sense.

Now in the Catholic Church it is evident — it is not a conspiracy theory — that there is a group which wants faithful Catholics eliminated from the picture.

We can see this in the case of Bishop Strickland, who is only the most recent example.

For we have seen our Mass, our Sacraments, our Religious Orders, our Churches, our Chapels, our Devotions and the doctrines we have received from Christ, the Apostles and the Saints, progressively altered, restricted, prohibited, mutilated and eliminated.

I can testify to this in regards to religious life. I have been searching for a sound Catholic community of Franciscans for nearly 25 years. I not only cannot find one, I cannot even find a Bishop who wants one. And vocations no longer even desire such a thing. The only thing vocations want is to be ordained a priest as fast as possible. Catholic doctrine and morality are only useful for show.

So if we do not admit there is a Us-Them problem in the Church, at this point, we are plainly suffering from psychosis and should seek help.

This is why spiritual pacifism is the most deadly error right now. We have to stop thinking that it’s o.k. for those destroying the Faith to destroy, but wrong for us to fight back. And we have to stop thinking that the Pietistic response of withdrawing into a world of private or personal faith or practice is the solution. We need to take back our parishes, Dioceses and Church.

And we are not going to do this if we keep listening to milktoast influencers, who complain, lament, cry and rattle the collection can, so that they can complain, lament, cry and rattle the can some more tomorrow.

I wrote about this more than 7 years ago, in my Editorial, “The Permanence of Bergoglio means the apostasy of the Flock“. But the grifter collective ignored me.

Now, it does not surprise that the same ignore me. But, I will continue to shout and declare, that there is only one way left to avoid this dire end of the Church. The Sutri Initiative.

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  1. Hi, Br. Alexis. I just came back from the FedEx office. I sent all the letters to the addresses you provided us. They should arrive by the 20th of this month. Blessings!

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