“Catholic” World Report: Pope Francis was right to sack Strickland for his “nasty” Catholic tweets

Editor’s Note: While most the world has accepted the evil lie that telling the truth boldly and clearly is “being nasty”, the only sin left… FromRome.Info continues its crusade of exposing the fake Catholic Media by featuring from time to time the articles they publish which show their true colors. Like this one.

The proper response to a blaspheming, idolatrous, corrupt, perverted heretical schismatic apostate claiming to be the Bishop of Rome is to call for a provincial council. If you tweet out your frustration instead of doing that, it is easy to get sacked. But being ignorant of such an initiative as the true Catholic response to such a monstrous problem is not a fault in of itself, since we live in an age of ignorance, fortified by such erroneous affirmation as Cardinal Burke, who has stated on several occasions that there is no canonical solution for a doubtful pope. — He is plain wrong as I have demonstrated in the Sutri Initiative. So I think it is unfair to say Bishop Strickland was at fault for “nasty tweets”. I can assure you that the things said of Bergoglio in private even at Rome are far worse, and just as true.

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5 thoughts on ““Catholic” World Report: Pope Francis was right to sack Strickland for his “nasty” Catholic tweets”

  1. This ‘Catholic’ World Report is nearly as absurd & laughable as the one you shared the other day from “Fishwrap/National ‘catholic’ Distorter” a.k.a. ‘National Catholic Register’!!

    My concern is that Bp Strickland himself is seemingly unaware of some aspects of Church Doctrine & Dogma – he was interviewed by EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo on “The World Over” weekly news-report which I saw yesterday evening here in the UK…….during which Bp Strickland made the astonishing statement that “the Pope is above Canon Law…he can do what he likes…”

    Let us pray for Bp Strickland, and for all those in the Hierarchy who should right now be taking REMEDIAL ACTION by calling for a Provincial Council to interrogate, and make judgement upon, Pope Francis.

    Christus vincit;
    Christus regnat;
    Christus imperat.

    1. The Roman Pontiff as Pontiff is the legislator of ecclesiastical law in the Roman Rite. But that does not mean that one only has to claim to be pope to be above the law. Or that holding the office, one can do as he pleases, God be damned, as it were. To hold that a Pope is above canon law and therefore can do such things is heresy and blasphemy against the Living God, because it asserts that Jesus Christ would want us to do evil as a sign of loyalty to His Father. This is Marcionism returning with a vengeance. And it is totally Masonic. Is Strickland going to be Catholic, or is he going along with the Rampolla Faction in the Church, to which he belongs by his episcopal consecration?

      1. Thanks for this clarification, Brother Alexis.

        Bp Strickland is indeed “on very dangerous ground” here and my ‘gut feeling’ is that his docile & servile obedience to the Holy Father has overridden his ability to think clearly about this whole scenario.
        I recall you pointing out on another comments-thread, that his only “cure” for the current shenanigans is to organise passive prayer-groups whereas he should/could be actively persuading some/many of his fellow prelates to set up a Provincial Council for the purpose of questioning, assessing and then making judgement on Pope Francis, in accordance with the current Code of Canon Law.

        How long……how long, O Lord, will it be before some/many in the Church’s hierarchy “wake up and smell the coffee”?!?!

        Kyrie eleison;
        Christe eleison;
        Kyrie eleison.

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