VATICAN: After Cancelling Catholic Bishop, pledges Electric Cars only by 2030

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4 thoughts on “VATICAN: After Cancelling Catholic Bishop, pledges Electric Cars only by 2030”

  1. The fuel cell of an so – called “electric vehicle,” or “EV,” (sic), weighs approximately 1,000 lbs. The “fuel cell,” otherwise known as the “gas tank,” weighs, when ‘fully charged,” about 82 lbs. Which appears to be more energy efficient?
    Electric vehicles require at least 45 minutes to recharge. Re-fueling a vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine requires an expenditure of time of approximately 3 minutes. Re: Mark Mills, Fellow, the Manhatten Institute.
    Electric Vehicles requires substantially more amounts of copper than “normal” vehicles. The amount of copper available, in production, and being mined, to supply the amount of copper required to produce the number of electric vehicles Per the “mandates” of the State of California, and the federal regime in “kanada,” is insufficient to address these mandates.

    One hundred years ago, copper ore “measured out,” or “assayed” at approximately 20% pure copper. Today, the world wide average for copper ore is approximately 1%. 500,000 lbs of copper ore now have to be mined to produce 1 lb of copper.

    Copper mines are enormous. And enormously ugly. The Chiquemata mine in Northern Chile is 2,700 feet deep. And approximately 1 mile in diameter. It is so large that the number of employees required to operate the mine live in their own town. On the north east rim of the pit.

    The largest copper mine in the world is the Bingham Canyon mine, near Bingham, Utah. It is 1 mile deep. And 1,5 miles wide. It probably operates 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. Does anyone really believe that one of these enormous pits would be an “ornament” to their neighbourhood.

    The average amount of time to develop a mine, (a gold mine, a silver mine, a coal mine, a diamond mine, an iron ore mine, or a copper mine), is 16 years. Because of environmental “regulations.” And the average expenditure before one ounce of gold, silver, iron ore, copper or anything is actually extracted, is 2 billion dollars. Does anyone really believe that “resource extraction companies,” otherwise known as “mining companies” are going to invest this amount of time and money to produce an product, to be used in an machine that people don’t want to buy?

    The manufacture and sale of electric vehicles is subsidized by government; the federal regime in Washington. The federal regime in Ottawa. An product or an service is only subsidized if people don’t want it. As well, subsidies are derivative of public taxes. Paid by the poor, the elderly, the disabled, people on limited incomes. And these subsidies “subsidize” electric vehicles, purchased by the rich. The subsidies, squandered to produce electric vehicles (Ford Motor Company has stated that the company loses $66,000 per vehicle), are an tax on the poor. To provide vehicles, which they cannot afford. To the rich.

    Electric vehicles are an “Trojan Horse.” To reduce private vehicle ownership worldwide. Currently, even after more than 100 years, only 55% of the global population, own, operate or have regular access to an vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine. It is the intention of the globalists to reduce this number to 30%. Using electric vehicles.

    Finally, we are told that we (“we”), must transition away from vehicles propelled by gasoline and diesel fuel. There have been an number of “energy transitions” during the past 4 to 5,000 years. From Manpower, to Horsepower, to Gasoline and Diesel Power. And to Nuclear Power. The original unit of energy and production was Man himself. As the years past, the status of this initial unit of energy and production was “codified.” And an cohort of persons, known as “slaves,” became the primary unit of energy and production. In the 3rd century, AD., the Roman Empire may have had an population that varied between 60 and 80 million people. Every fifth person among that population was a slave. Therefore, between 12 million and 16 million people were slaves. Today, approximately 50 million people around the world are either enslaved or exist in conditions “approximate” to slavery. Even after 4 to 5,000 years, human beings have still not “transitioned” away from slavery. But these environmental imbeciles, in Washington, in Ottawa, in London, and Vatican City, believe that we can “transition” away from vehicles propelled by internal combustion engines. In less than 10 years. An “transition” away from internal combustion engines will result in an “transition.” Back to slavery.

  2. Supporting the ultra-Polluters of EV’S? Are they also on the take for Opium Profits as the rest of the Establishment of Europe?

    1. Promoting products which destroy the environment and promote child labour is just what Pope Francis means by ecological conversion and child protection.

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