Vatican Theologian publicly mocks Pope Francis

Editor’s Note: The public derision of Pope Francis which began when he chose to wash the feet of criminals at Regina Caeli Prison in Rome on Holy Thursday, instead of celebrating the Solemn High Mass at Saint John Lateran, back in 2013, has continued and grown during these last 10 years, on account of his bizarre, untraditional, and obviously pro-Marxist pro-Globalist and masonic behavior.

But since Pope Francis declared sacked Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas, there has been an explosion of derisive comments the world over.

This is because, as I observed in my interview at Ordo Militaris Radio TV earlier this week, that in doing this Pope Francis subverted the order of merit in the Church, without which countless clergy have no motivation to submit to hierarchical order, one of the chief duties of which is not insulting your superior, in private or public.

Msgr. Nicola Bux is the Vatican theologian noted for his quip back in the fall of 2018, that it would be easier to demonstrate that Pope Benedict XVI never validly resigned, than that Jorge Mario Bergoglio was a heretic.

The English translation of his tweet from Friday, cited above is as follows:

This Pontiff no longer knows what recipe to cook Christians with: he has treated them like chili peppers in vinegar, now like baked cod fish. The fact is, that he himself makes them appear similar to these menus when he talks about them. Seeing is believing, and come along and sing: “The Vatican, an Inn for travelers”.

The final comment, “an Inn for travelers” (Osteria) is a not too subtle reference to both Jews and Freemasons.

Msgr. Bux, who is a priest who has served at the Vatican in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and who is still a consultor for the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, is known for his discretion in public. He is a known member of the conservative, that is, Catholic, faction in the Roman Clergy, though he is a priest of Puglia, in the heel of Italy.

His position in the debate over the validity of Pope Benedict XVI’s renunciation was that it validly effected his loss of office. His opinion was not a little influenced by the fact that he had written the Roman Pontiff for an explanation and received in reply a personal letter from the Holy Father in Ratzinger Code, which he never succeeded in understanding, because unlike Andrea Cionci, he never attempted to read the letter objectively, apart from the dominate and accepted narrative about Feb. 13, 2013, which was itself created by an Ansa Reporter and launched in a tweet.

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