ARGENTINA: Critic of Bergoglio wins presidential national elections

Editor’s Note: The new president is such an enemy of Bergoglio, that Pope Francis vowed not to return to Argentina if he were elected. In exchange, the new President promised during his campaign to gather the evidence against Jorge Mario Bergoglio and publish it to the world, including the documentation that he joined the Masonic Lodge (which I guess he did before being made a Bishop, when the old Code of Canon Law punished that crime with excommunication).

In such an eventuality, however, the norm of Canon 2335, of the Code of 1917, which punishes latae sententiae with simple excommunication, does not according to canon 2336 of the same deprive him of offices without an official pronouncement.

And since we are now under the regime of the Code of 1983, which calls for punishment for joining non-Catholic sects, the case must be heard in Council. This will add another grave motive for Catholics to join the Sutri Initiative and call for a Council to depose him.

UPDATE: Don’t think that Milei is going to be your savior …. in fact, he rejects Jesus Christ as his savior …

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6 thoughts on “ARGENTINA: Critic of Bergoglio wins presidential national elections”

  1. Even before anyone heard of Milei, Francis never once returned to Argentina, although he managed to visit all of the peripheries. I always thought that was odd. I suspect there may be a secret warrant for his arrest for abuse of a minor (s) or enabling such abuse, and he has been tipped off.

  2. BrB..Your work in this manner is astounding. I support your efforts and the Sutri Initiative. I will send a donation today. Bl.Mother help your children.

  3. Argentines voted for a non-visit of Bergoglio.

    Without Jesus, Milei won’t accomplish much. Good thing that Milei opposes abortion. That is a point in his favor.

    May God bless Argentina.

  4. “Milei’s policy agenda—which includes adopting the US dollar, cutting economic ties with Brazil and China (Argentina’s main trading partners), and legalizing the sale of children who would otherwise be put up for adoption—has jolted mainstream pundits … ” (Facundo MIlman)

    Just a note to let you know that paragraph is a total misrepresentation taken out of context.

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