Michael Voris fired by unanimous vote of Board of Directors of Church Militant

Christine Niles, also commented …

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10 thoughts on “Michael Voris fired by unanimous vote of Board of Directors of Church Militant”

  1. Am sorry this has happened.
    Have the letter from CH about this event and can only wish Christine Niles and Michael Voris well. God Bless and Keep Them in their times of trial and growth to the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

    1. It seems that Voris has returned to his previous vice and that someone brought the evidence of that to the board of directors in a form which was undeniable and confirmatory. Because you never issue a vague explanation unless it is to cover for a very explosive truth.

      1. Many of us suspected that he had never abandoned the old ways. It happens to all who embrace conversion. Why should he be an exception? May God rescue that poor soul and others that currently go through similar experiences.

        E. Michael Jones was right after all. Few of us listened to his sober account of Voris’ situation.

        Remember Voris was digging in everyone else’s past and present. That was his own pulsion to project and transfer his guilt. Yet, there were many that enjoyed his disrespectful attacks on the targeted bishops, priests and others. Those are guilty of Voris’ sins by indirect participation. The politics of personal destruction end up always with the destroyer being destroyed.

        Pray for Voris. He can still chose the straight and narrow path.

  2. I attended the Church Militant Rosary Rally in 2021 outside the USCCB conference in Baltimore, also having written them a letter beforehand that Pope Benedict was still the Pope. This is part of the downfall of MV. They did important work in exposing the truth of widespread abuse of children that no one else was doing. But, if you do not care to look at the installation of an antipope destroyer, then you are damaging the credibility of all the other good work and exposing your own self to the enemy of souls.

    1. Michael’s career association with a leading BNP Paribas Bank executive (which bank rolled the Mafia of St Gallen) is something that needs explaining.

      1. It seems like the enemies of God, the infiltrated, the malignant forces of this world are beginning to fight each other. Christ must be really near and the enemy knows it.

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