VATICAN: Pope Francis holds audiences with Trannie Prostitutes weekly

Mundabor was sounding off, perhaps about this news ….

Editor’s Note: The Vatican is surrounded by hotels and B & B’s which, when he is in town, are full of prostitutes. So it is not difficult for the Vatican to invite such people in numbers. They are simply trying to bring it out in the open. However, we should not assume that this invite is correlated with the sexual preferences of Pope Francis, even if it gives that impression.

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One thought on “VATICAN: Pope Francis holds audiences with Trannie Prostitutes weekly”

  1. In defense of Pope Francis, I would argue that interacting with the peripheries is both understandable and desirable within the framework of modernist ideology. This is because, according to the modernist premises, what deviates from the norm provides the most informative insights into religion. Given the new church’s commitment to listening to the people and formulating new laws that synthesize these voices, ordinary Catholics have relatively little to contribute, as their lives are predictable and offer limited insights for shaping new laws. Conversely, the lives of individuals outside the norm hold significant value for crafting new laws because they are not “covered” by existing regulations. Consequently, these new laws will primarily draw inspiration from the experiences of these unconventional individuals. This is what I understand of the modernist approach to engaging with such people. He is being consistent with the modernist error.

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