OMC Radio TV: Michael Voris is out — Prayers and Questions asked

See links in page above, for exclusive investigation into Voris’ past, which OMC Radio TV aired 10 months ago. — In this present video, Br. Bugnolo gives advice to those who are suffering long standing sexual temptations and cannot figure out how to over come them.

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7 thoughts on “OMC Radio TV: Michael Voris is out — Prayers and Questions asked”

    1. His days of throwing shyte around are over.

      Do I feel sorry for the old SOB?


      I was one of his victims. The despise he made me feel once is piling on him now.

      How do you like them apples, Gary?

  1. So, brother, if you don’t have to remember your sins, how does the concept of doing penance for your past sins work? Or do you just do penance in a general sense, without pinpointing particular sins?

    1. The Saints say that of sins against the flesh we should show true repentence by forgetting them, while not denying that we are weak and can fall again. It’s a delicate balance capable only with the grace of the Sacrament and sincerity with self and love for Christ.

      1. When there is true conversion, the moment comes when the repentant sinner cannot even conceive offending God again in the same manner. The very thought fills one heart with horror.

        A smoker can stop smoking but it won’t help if he goes to the old box of cigars lifting the lid to smell the aroma of fresh tobacco. That man is going to smoke again. The same goes for every other vice. One has to develop a true abhorrence, a hate of the actions that offended God.

        Yes, the grace of the Sacrament , love of Christ and a sincere constant examination of self —nosce te ipsum— know thyself. Read also Proverbs 20:5 “As deep water, so counsel is in the heart of a man; but a wise man shall draw it out. “

  2. ‘Father Z’ has an excellent blog-posting on the Michael Voris situation; he writes of the need to show compassion & forgiveness whilst asking for GOD’s mercy, rather than the immediate justice which many proud idiots [including some “traddies”…] are calling for on social-media! He also refers to the somewhat “chequered” past history of the Church Militant organization. Father’s posting has attracted many compassionate & supportive comments:-

    The well-known quotation “Every Saint has a past and every sinner has a future” applies to each & every one of us, including Mr Voris.

    Kyrie eleison;
    Christe eleison;
    Kyrie eleison.

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