Fr. Gerald Murray: Pope Francis violated Canon Law when he removed Bishop Strickland

Editor’s Note: I said the same the very day the news about Bishop Strickland was announced (see video here, with more than 12,000 views). And since Pope Francis did violate Church law, he committed a criminal act. The kind of crime I noted here in this editorial: schism.

And yes, for the crime of schism, in Council, a pope can be legitimately deposed, because according to canon 1364, all who commit this crime are ipso facto separated from the Catholic Church by the law itself, and therefore lose all offices and authority, all ministries and all munera in the Church.

That is why it is now a grave duty of all Catholics to petition the Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of Rome to depose Jorge Mario Bergoglio from the Papacy, in a Provincial Council, if when confronted there, he refused to withdraw these schismatic acts.

Once again, the Sutri Initiative proves itself to be the truly prophetic act for the Church. The news each day brings new confirmations.

When will the controlled opposition begin to speak in favor of it? I fear by their silence that they are marshaling new arguments against it. In coming days, we shall soon see.

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