USA: Gay Mafia Protege from Baltimore savages thriving TLM Parish in Saint Louis for their money

Editor’s Note: The Gay Mafia in the Church are vicious and vindictive. When exposes they have no qualms selling churches to pay for their debts. In the Archdiocese of Boston, Cardinal O’Malley trove 1/6 of the faithful out of the Church by his scandalous merchandizing of parishes. Shutting a thriving parish with $600,000 in the bank account and merging into another parish 2 miles away with a $500,000 debt is an obvious smash and grab worthy of Judas Iscariot. Archbishop Mitchel Tomas Rezinski began his ecclesial career as a Deacon in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Baltimore is the mother diocese of all the dioceses in the USA. It was founded from the 26 odd clergy present in the original 13 Colonies, not a few of which were renegades and perps who had fled Europe without the permission of their ecclesiastical superiors. This is the root of all the problems in the Church in the USA. And it is still bearing bad fruit.

For those interested in more information, Complicit Clergy has extensive data:

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