Pope Francis cancels meetings today, to recover from “mild flu”

Editor’s Note: This is the second cancellation this month, which seems to indicate that Bergoglio’s immune system is weakening. If he really took 3x doses of the Sputnik DeathVaxx, then his immune system should be nearly shot by now.


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2 thoughts on “Pope Francis cancels meetings today, to recover from “mild flu””

  1. Clot Shots or not…All the heresy and Apostasy would deserve a bad case of whatever to allow him to know he’s WALKING THE WRONG PATH and to silence his heresy as he’s causing scandal among the faithful and hurting souls instead of helping them to grow towards God.

    1. It’s pretty obvious that not a shred of light shines in his conscience that does not come from the lamp of Das Capital or the Book, The Great Reset.

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