POPE FRANCIS: Cities should be rebuilt to make them sustainable

Editor’s Note: Ever the mind perverted by globalism, Pope Francis pushed the narrative that rebuilding cities as sustainable communities with people at their center as the solution for making cities serve future generations suffering from population decline. This is a homily entirely in accord with the Globalist plan, recently aired in Europe, of destroying all existing cities built by Christian civilization and replacing them with inhuman, modernist geometric architecture as part of the 15 minute city (read prison), where no godless globalist might be offended by seeing anything which reminds him of the true narrative of salvation, the Christian Gospel.

But Pope Francis has let the “cat out of the bag” as it were — an English idiom meaning, “has revealed the truth that is being intentionally hidden” — because he has admitted something is causing the population of Europe to crash. Hint: it has something to do with what he called “an act of love“.

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One thought on “POPE FRANCIS: Cities should be rebuilt to make them sustainable”

  1. I think Pope Francis has “some”, merit in saying that we should be listen to other people’s conscience decisions, and not condemn them, …but, what he omits is that some people’s consciences are darkened by unrepentant mortal sin…thus, we must pray for them and tell them the truth rather than give them an excuse for remaining in mortal sin. Even if they reject your appeal to give up their sin, you won’t be responsible before God. This kind of silence is not golden.

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