1979 Book predicts the Death of Pope Francis before December 31, 2023!

Page 44 … reads:

Editor’s Note: Pope Benedict XVI, who never renounced the petrine munus, and thus was the true pope until his death, passed away on Dec. 31, 2022. Now while the above book is only a novel, which does not pretend to be prophecy, if we have learned one thing in the last 4 years, it is this: that the Lodges of the Illuminati which rule the world have the long demonstrated habit of telling of their plans and scripts long before executing them, according to their satanic doctrine, that they must reveal to the world their plots before they put them into act.

This does not mean that Pope Francis will die before the end of the year. But if he does, we can wonder openly, I think, if he was murdered to keep a timetable of these Lodges, long-ago planned-out.

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9 thoughts on “1979 Book predicts the Death of Pope Francis before December 31, 2023!”

  1. Hmmm……the satanic globalists/freemasons appear to have “got their men” onto the Throne of Peter ever since the death of Pius XII and the subsequent ‘election’ of John XXIII in 1958……and, likewise, they appear to have ‘disposed’ of those who were prepared to oppose the demonic agenda – John Paul I and, eventually, Benedict XVI……so it would be no real surprise if ‘Papa Francesco’ is now considered to be a liability rather than an asset, and “goes to meet his Maker”……

    Kyrie eleison;
    Christe eleison;
    Kyrie eleison.

  2. Friar, it’s no secret that Pope Francis wants implement permament reforms to the Faith before he dies. He is now 86 years of age. Time is short.

  3. Earlier this year I attended a fund raiser with Robert Moynihan. During a conversation, he told me that expectations in Rome were that Pope Francis would die by the end of the year.

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