John Allen, Crux Magazine push the World Jewish Congress Narrative for the Vatican

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you ever wanted to know for whom the ex-priest, John Allen, and Crux Magazine shill for, now you know. See our previous reports, on the Rothschilds here, and on the Rothschild influence at the Vatican here, on this topic.

The Economic and Political Goal of the 3 Recent Rothschild Wars

The last 3 wars, which were all started by Rothschild controlled regimes: Russian Federation, Azerbaijan and Israel all have a purpose, and it is in part financial and in part political. Russia wants the Donbas, one of the richest concentrations of iron and coal in the Eurasian Continent; Azerbaijan wants a pipeline route along the Iranian-Syrian border to the Mediterranean; Israel wants the newly discovered vast natural gas fields off the coast of Gaza, recently awarded to Gaza by an international court. All three of these goals profit the Rothschilds and their companies directly.

You can learn more about the Rothschild Wars against Christendom since 1793 A. D., here.

But the political goals of these 3 wars are further Rothschild control of Ukraine (through the Bank of International Settlements); extermination of the Armenian race, which according to the Talmud must be accomplished before the Jewish Messiah (AntiChrist, Rothschild Monarch) comes to power; and extension of Jewish control of political institutions in the West “in support of Israel”. This last includes the Vatican, where the World Jewish Congress recently opened an office.

To think that during the next Conclave, no Catholic organization of the laity will be allowed to lobby the Cardinals, but the World Jewish Congress will have an office at the Vatican open to bribe, cajole, threaten and manipulate the election, would, in times when the press was controlled by Christians, be the source of the most enormous alarm.

Catholic Media is silent?

But the Catholic ‘grifter collective’ (see definition of this term, here) is silent. Take note. This may have something to do with how many of them have Jewish ancestors (as they themselves admit: Taylor Marshal, Michael Matt etc.) or Jewish surnames (Sammons, Hall, Stein, Walker, Cionci), or who worked for Jews before becoming media personalities (Michael Voris, Ann Barnhardt).

Notable Catholic media personalities, like John Allen, above, and Michael Warsaw (chief counsel to EWTN), also have Jewish surnames.

It has also been widely claimed and reported, that both John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI had Jewish ancestors on their mother’s side of the family. Pope Benedict XVI also did not want the term “perfideus” used of the Jews in the Good Friday Prayers of the ancient roman rite. He also asked Catholics, who are the adopted sons of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to adopt the Jewish practice of not using HIS Divine Name (YHWH) during the Divine Liturgy, even during songs. Both provisions were widely criticized.

(In this article, “Jewish” in all uses, except the last one, refers to ancestry, not religion).

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