The Vatican is not telling the world the truth about Pope Francis’ Health


Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The year 2023 has shown that the Vatican has been intentionally misinforming and downplaying the health issues of Pope Francis.

In the Spring, it was said that Pope Francis had a mild chest cold. But in the article above, it is now reported that he had a serious case of bronchitis, and that “it was a close call” for complications.

In June, it was said he was in hospital for a check up, but now it is said that he had surgery for a hernia, which is highly prone to complications.

Now we are told that Pope Francis has a mild flu or pneumonitis, that is, a chest cold, and that we should not worry about it. Yet he is still scheduled to go to Dubai for December 1st, a region of the world fraught with dust storms and dangerous and infectious lung diseases.

In 2022, Pope Francis was in hospital for degenerative colitis. His habitual pain in the knee has been the topic of discussion for more than 7 years.

Pope Benedict XVI was given 3 doses of the DeathVax, while suffering from kidney failure, during his de facto captivity under a Vatican controlled by Jorge Mario Bergoglio during his anti-pontificate. Perhaps what is happening at the Vatican, in regard to Pope Francis’ health, is the revenge of Pope Benedict XVI, seeing that we are rapidly approaching the anniversary of his death marked with heavenly signs.

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2 thoughts on “The Vatican is not telling the world the truth about Pope Francis’ Health”

  1. “GOD is not mocked”……

    Divine Providence will enact ‘the biological solution’ on Pope Francis and this seems increasingly likely that it will be sooner rather than later……

    So let us all pray for the Holy Father, that he might solemnly repent of his many sins of omission & commission, and promise to ‘amend his life’, and receive a valid Absolution, before his immortal soul receives its individual Final Judgement prior to entering into Eternity……

    And, as none of us know “the day and the hour” when we, too, will receive our individual Final Judgements, let us do our utmost to ensure that our immortal souls are as clean as possible from any stain of sin before entering into Eternity……

    “GO TO CONFESSION!” – as ‘Father Z’ so often says at his blog

  2. May God haste JMB’s depart for the Great Orient. He has worked all his life to go there. He labored hard to ruin life, country and Church.

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