VATICAN: Pope Francis calls Cardinal Burke, “my enemy”

Editor’s Note: It is the habit of reprobate souls, to lash out in the weeks before their death. King Herod the Great was the most famous biblical figure to evince this behavior. He died from an excruciating illness of unknown cause and even ordered the execution of numerous important mourners at the time of his death, though his brother-in-law, Alexis and his sister did not carry it through. However, weeks before his death he ordered the murder of the Holy Innocents in Bethlehem and its environs.

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One thought on “VATICAN: Pope Francis calls Cardinal Burke, “my enemy””

  1. Demons don’t like the prospect of returning to hell or the need to oppress others slowly over time to avoid detection until a human is fully under it’s influence and more than willing to believe themselves to be self instead of the Demon having the influence to carry out evil. They’re in rare form when threatened and vindictive.

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