VATICAN cancels Pope’s Dec. 1 trip to Dubai, due to severe Lung inflammation

Editor’s Note: This is very serious. Pope Francis’ climate agenda is at the top of his list of personal religious views, and the Globalists demanded he attend. So to cancel out means that he is in a precarious state. FromRome.Info has been characterizing the news about his health correctly and before all other commentary sites since October. If this trend continues, I think we can officially put Pope Francis on the “death watch” category. — Rome suffers from endemic respiratory problems in late November and December, as the nitric oxide from the  automobile smog mixes with the fog of late fall. And under this chemical burden a weak immune system often falls apart.

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4 thoughts on “VATICAN cancels Pope’s Dec. 1 trip to Dubai, due to severe Lung inflammation”

  1. This is literally an answered prayer of mine. Surely, I wasn’t the only one who prayed he would cancel this engagement. Think about it, in 2023, everyone is doing video conferences. Putin just participated in a meeting via video in the past few weeks. Why would the pope cancel it all together and not say, “call me on video and I can talk to you there.” May this thwart the enemies plans of cloaking their dealings with the pope.

    1. Formal speaking engagements are a significant stressor to most people, including many very accomplished speakers and including people in their very best health.

      Moreover, with respiratory complications, it can be extremely burdensome even to deliver one or two sentences audibly and coherently, with decorum and without long pauses and obvious gasping, panting or similar struggling to breathe.

      It is notable that he is not sending any deputy, though. It cannot be the case that this health decline was unforeseeable in routine planning. But it may be the case that he literally has no trusted, competent deputy fit to send in his place.

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