VATICAN: Pope Francis’ assault on Cardinal Burke proves Pope’s pertinacity in heresy

Editor’s Note: While the MSM gushes about Pope Francis’ nasty remarks against Cardinal Burke and his removal of the latter’s privileges as a senior Cardinal, let’s not forget that Pope Francis’ own head of Doctrinal Affairs published the Pope’s heretical responses to the new Dubia presented by Cardinal Burke and 3 other Cardinals in June. This demonstrates the pertinacity of Jorge Mario Bergoglio in his errors, rather than any good will. As I mentioned before, arguably after Oct. 12 Catholics could begin to act as if Pope Francis deposed himself from the papacy for heresy, because of his responses to the Dubia, and that by Dec. 29th, it would even be more legitimate to do so, on account of having not publicly repented of publishing his own errors at the end of September. This means that while it is not a sin to attend masses which name or do not name him as the Pope, it is also not a sin for priests to stop  naming him in the Canon on account of this growing scandal. The Synod of Sutri Initiative is the only canonical solution. But Our Lord might call Pope Francis to his eternal remuneration to end this grave scandal all the more quickly.

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4 thoughts on “VATICAN: Pope Francis’ assault on Cardinal Burke proves Pope’s pertinacity in heresy”

  1. That kind of petty vindictiveness is not only unbecoming of a Christian, it is also evidence of how small the man is. This diabolic mess is not the Catholic Church I converted to two decades ago.
    The more this goes on, the more I am convinced we should all walk out in a universal act of rejection that will restore some dignity to the Church and to humanity.

    1. This kind of vendetta is a sign his end is near. Let’s be patient. It is also going to have a boomerage effect and make the election of someone like Burke a higher probability in the next conclave.

  2. Frank Walker at has often referred to him as ThugPope, which seems ever more appropriate.

    He appears to be reverting to his nightclub bouncer role.

  3. He’s a 1970s liberal…and they never change. All the people he promotes and those he fires are bc they are liberal( which most of the time are also grave sinners), or Traditionalists( TLM, large families, rule followers)…He’s planted seeds for his successor, so we better wear out our knees until they bleed for a miracle when the next Conclave happens..which could be soon.

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