Archbishop Gänswein: My Life beside Benedict XVI

Editor’s Note: Here Gänswein presents his own view of his life with Pope Benedict XVI. At 8:20 he begins speaking about the events of Feb. 13, 2013, which however studiously avoids a discussion of what kind of resignation he made: whether of the office, munus or of the ministry of the Papacy. — An omission, which after years of controversy is remarkable and evinces that the Archbishop has nothing to say to support his view on the matter. And this seems to be the final testimony he wants to give to history.

The Archbishop’s testimony is also falsified in this, that he says that Pope Benedict XVi’s Summorum Pontificum brought peace in the Church, when in fact it was violently and bitterly opposed by Bishops round the world, who were addicted to the aggiornamento to promote their own cultural Marxist views.

However, at the end, the Archbishop says his primary goal was to deconstruct the false narratives about Pope Benedict XVI: an admission very damaging to the objectivity of the testimony he gives on all such matters.

One should rather be concerned about the truth and willing to listen to all voices; and strive to understand how understandings and misunderstandings are based on objective facts or ideological agendas.

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