VATICAN: Pope Francis holds 9 audiences on Thursday despite Bronchitis Narrative

Editor’s Note: This report confirms what I have reported, that the Vatican Narrative is not telling us the truth about the health problems of Pope Francis, but is claiming that he is suffering from a malady, while he acts as suffering from something else. Could it be that he was disinvited from the Dubai Meeting because of Parolin’s Letter to the German Church forbidding gay weddings and female deacons? and the health problems are merely a narrative invention to prevent anyone looking into what is really going on? — That is looking more and more probable.

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2 thoughts on “VATICAN: Pope Francis holds 9 audiences on Thursday despite Bronchitis Narrative”

  1. Is Parolin a good guy? Father Pavone stated recently in his interview with Taylor Marshall that Parolin suggested (several years ago) that the ongoing issues between Father Pavone and his bishop could be easily resolved by moving Father Pavone for incardination under a new Bishop. But this solution was rejected by the old Bishop and others.

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